Finance management services

Innovative business administration with external finance manager

Delegating of non-core functions is the main present day trend for business processes optimization. Outsourcing finance management and business administration is completely in line with this progressive drive.

First of all, such transfer of non-core business tasks enables its managers and owners to focus on the main functions that provide competitive advantages to the business.
Engaging an external specialist will allow you to significantly reduce administrative costs. This is because in this case the business will avoid employing excessive staff and incurring corresponding expenses. A number of constant overhead expenses will become variable, and will depend only on the level of operating activity.
In addition, the engaging qualified and experienced external specialist is an opportunity to receive services of the highest quality that is often hard to achieve with hired staff.

Our experience

15-year experience of productive engagements

"Jet Finance" is a team of professionals of finance and tax management with international qualification and extensive experience in different business fields. We created millions of US dollars of added value to our clients - and this is, primarily, a result of more effective decisions taken on the basis of reports prepared by us and reduction of G&A expenses.

Our staff is experienced in audit and tax consulting for international corporations, financial management of small and medium-sized businesses, as well as work for large public companies..
By industry, we successfully co-operated with industrial, FMCG and agro-industrial enterprises, performed tasks for investment business and IT companies.
Our accumulated professional experience helps us to implement a variety of business development projects, as well as to effectively perform and control financial, tax and accounting work made by others.
We communicate and make documents in Ukrainian, Russian and English. In our work, we appreciate the initiative and prefer creative approach to problem.

Benefits of finance management services

Compared to the work of the full-time employee, financial management services from "Jet Finances" have a number of significant benefits.

Efficiency, that suits demands of present time business
This is an opportunity to get the service immediately - without waiting for the search and hiring of the employee, and his or her "entry" into the role. Just as quickly you can stop cooperation, without incurring any cost as to the termination of the engagement. Such operational capabilities correspond to the present day dynamic development of business.
Significant reduction in expense for finance staff
With us, you completely reduce the cost of admission and dismissal of employees, as well as get rid of expenses for employees' leave, as well as vacation and sick absence.
High savings are achieved through a complete reduction in the cost of paying taxes on employee wages (over 50% of the net amount) – just because the services of an external financial manager are charged by entrepreneur or legal entity.
We provide effective and productive work - you pay only for specific tasks performed, not for the entire working time of the financial staff (this implies 20-40% overall reduction in the finance work). Check it out!
High quality of work and reliability of cooperation
An experienced specialist from our team, obviously, will cope with work better and faster than the average employee. We will prepare better analytical materials and make the better reports that would enable you take better and more effective decisions for your business.
Reliability of the cooperation - the reputation of an external specialist will give stronger guarantees of high-quality financial work, than the duties of a full-time employee. With us you are guaranteed a result of high quality - or, in the case of dissatisfaction, we will repay the money (which, actually, has never happened).